Solvega grew up surrounded by the European approach to home care. Solvega, born and raised in the Northern European country of Latvia was educated in Latvia’s finest University, majoring in Psychology, trained in ballet, danced in the National Troupe which represented Latvia around the world,  and employed in broadcast journalism. She moved to the United States about a decade ago and quickly recognized the difference in home care and wanted to introduce what she grew up with to Indianapolis’ homeowners.

“In most cases our home keepers are known by name  and are treated as family by our clients, even our clients’ children know our home keepers by name “. Solvega’s Elite offers services tailored to your specific needs from simply cleaning to complete home care including laundry, organizing closets and storage  to home sitting.

Once hired, Solvega Kupce mentors all her home keepers in European methods. She personally accompanies her home keepers in training until she feels they meet her standards in service.
“Many companies train their employees in cleaning, I train our home keepers in your specific homes’ cleaning needs. There is a difference! Anyone can show someone how to clean, I  teach our home keepers in your specific instructions and needs. Only the best home keepers are allowed to be in your home alone.”
Who is Solvega Kupce, Founder
and Owner of Solvega’s Elite?
The European approach is more than cleaning, it’s a mindset of treating your house as if it were our own home. It is becoming a part of your family, a consultant, an organizer, a decorator. Someone who takes the initiative to anticipate your needs and suggest changes to make your home more attractive. Cleaning is easy, becoming your confidant is difficult.
Solvega’s Elite hires and retains only the finest home keepers in the Indianapolis market. Extensive background checks and interviews assure you the peace of mind that your home is in the hands of a trustworthy company and individual. “I will not place any home keeper into your home that I wouldn't personally allow into my own home”
First we consult and interview with you  to understand your specific needs. Next we walk your home together with you to discuss what your expectations are on a room by room basis. Once your needs are clearly understood, we assign a home keeper to your home. We  teach our home keepers in your specific instructions and needs.
Most cleaning companies schedule your house to be cleaned. They schedule who ever is available to work in your house. We take a very different approach. We hire and train specific home keepers to work in your home. In almost every case, the same home keeper will be in your home each time.

There is something to be said about the same person working in your home, with your family each time.
Cleaning Service, LLC
Bringing Elite European Care to Your Castle... Affordably
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