What Should I Do If I Notice That Something Was Missed During My Cleaning?

Please let us know immediately if something was missed during your cleaning. We try very hard, but sometimes we do make a mistake. We guarantee our services, so we will return to correct the problem at no additional charge. If it is something small and you want to just let us know for next time, you can call us, email us, or leave a note on the counter, but please be sure to let us know. We would not want to make the same mistake twice.

Communication is very important. If we don't hear from you, we will assume everything is ok. Periodically, we do send out forms to give you another opportunity to let us know if something is wrong. Again, communication is key to a lasting relationship.

What Other Services Does Solvega's Elite Cleaning Services Offer?

We also offer commercial cleaning. If you not sure, please ask us.

What If I Have a Special Request?

You can call us, email us, or leave a note on the counter. Either way, be sure to give us an advanced notice for requests that may take more than an extra 1/2 hour or so to complete.

What Areas Do You Provide Cleaning Services to?

Solvega's Elite Cleaning Service will service the following areas: Carmel, Geist, Fishers, Westfield, Zionsville and surrounding areas.

Does Solvega's Elite Cleaning Service Clean The Same Things in My Home Every Time?

Not always, it really depends on your home. If your home is very clean we will always do the same things, if you have a busy home with kids, pets and a lot of traffic, dust, clutter, etc. we will always do our best, but will focus on the dirtiest of areas first.
What Happens If I forget You're Coming, and You Don't Have a Key To My Home?

If we are locked out on your day of service, we do have a $25.00 "Lock-Out" fee. This is a minimal fee that is in place to cover the cost of transportation, and employee's time as we could have scheduled someone else for that time.
Do I Have To Give Solvega's Elite Cleaning Service A Key?

No. We have options available to you other than giving us a key to your home. Please contact us by phone to discuss other arrangements. Keep in mind that we keep all clients keys secure at all times. Your name or address is NEVER attached to your key if you choose to give us one.

Why Do I Have To Put Valuables Away?

We ask that you do this only to avoid a problem. If your valuables are put away and locked up, you will know exactly where they are. And if they are missing, you will notice that they are missing before we arrive, rather than after. If you have something that is missing, please let us know so that we can keep an eye out for the lost items and to be sure we don't vacuum it up if it's something small.

Do I need To Do Anything Before The Cleaning Service Arrives?

It is best that all toys, clothes, dirty dishes, personal items and valuables are put away before we arrive. You will get more for your money if we are spending our time cleaning rather than picking things up off the floor and furniture. If you don't have a chance to pick up before we come, we will always do our best. If there are toys and clothes on the floor, we will put them on a bed, couch, or put them away if we are certain that we know where they go. If you want us to pick up every time we come as well as clean, please be sure to let us know that so we can schedule extra time and give you a more accurate quote.

Will The Cleaning Service Come At The Same Time of Day Every Time?

It is very unlikely we will be at your home the exact same time, every time. If you have a special requirement on time, please let us know and we will note that on our schedule and call if there is a problem. Please Note: We do not leave anyone's home until the job is done. This is very important to remember because it is a firm policy at Solvega's Elite Cleaning Services we will make sure your home is cleaned correctly. We take pride in our work, our reputation depends on it. We would rather be a few minutes late to our next appointment then not doing an excellent job every time. We will do the same for you.  Quality comes first.

Do The People Who Clean My Home Wear Special Uniforms?

Solvega's Elite Cleaning Services does not require employees to wear uniforms. There are many reasons for this. Most of our clients want us to be discreet and try to maintain a normal household while we're cleaning. Cleaning services that wear uniforms do so at your expense. We work hard to keep our costs down for our customers.
How Many People Will Be Cleaning My Home?

We  usually have one home keeper, but occasionally  2, but if absolutely necessary we could have up to 3 home keepers in your home at the same time.

Will The Same Home Keepers Come Every Time?

Yes. In most cases, you will have the same home keepers every time. We try hard to keep everything the same, so you always know what to expect.

Who Provides the Cleaning Supplies?

We have learned over time that our clients will always buy the best supplies that they desire. Because of this, we have adoped a policy that our clients provide the cleaning supplies for their own homes. If our clients so choose, we will recommend  the cleaning materials that work best based on our experience.  If you desire for us to buy the cleaning supplies, there will be no mark-up on the cost of these items.
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